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"I have been attending May's class at Woolwich which I can truly say is the highlight of the week. May's class is so calming and uplifting; her teaching style is so natural and welcoming. I always leave feeling de stressed and lifted. Most definately attend one of May's classes. You will leave feeling lighter, brighter and relaxed. Mays' classes are suitable for all levels. I joined as a complete novice.. and surprised myself.. enjoyed it from the get go!"

~ Vix (August 2016)



"I have been to many yoga classes and to be honest have struggled to find a class that suits me. I have found most of them to be too fast and acrobatic. For me, I wanted a class which would relax me and one that incorporated the spiritual essence of Yoga. And May's class did just that and more! May's compassion and warmth comes through in her teaching, making you feel you are getting one to one attention (even in a group session!). I felt so relaxed after the session yet energised. I felt calm and grounded. I particularly loved the meditation at the end of the Yoga session. It felt very powerful in that some issues that were bothering me I was able to let them go with a technique we were shown. Thanks again May for a fun and relaxing session."

~ Sarah Alvarez (May 2015)



"I love the atmosphere of calm that May creates in her classes. However stressed you felt before you arrived, you'll always leave feeling mentally and physically relaxed. She gives your muscles a thorough work-out too, at a gentle pace, but you'll definitely feel the benefits! I'd recommend The Cat Pose and Zen Yoga to anyone."

~ Raphael Mann (March 2015)



"I would really recommend anyone to go to one of May's yoga classes. She has a very calming manner and makes the class very relaxing, informative and a joy to attend."

~ K.Holding

(Yoga Instructor at Tree of Life Zen Yoga - Feb 2015)



"A class with May is a delight: gentle, calming and a chance to get back in touch with what is really important in your life."

~ J. Shattock

(Yoga Teacher at Embodiment Zen Yoga - Feb 2015)



"As The Cat Pose class allowed me, though a newcomer to yoga, to try out a range of yoga poses that combined meditation, healing, balance, strength and flexibility in seamless and gentle way. I found that it offered a good way to keep fit and flexible while recovering from or coping with any tension, mild aches or minor strains, too."

~ S.Wishart (Dec 2014)



"I love May's private class - she has researched and come up with a fabulous class plan, which catered for my requirements and expectation for the class. Each pose and movement is taken place in a slow and soothing pace, but it provides the maximum effect. I felt very much relaxed and felt my body well exercised after the class. I strongly recommend her class (especially the private one, which is only for you!)."  ~ Naoko (Dec 2014)

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"May's love and compassion shine out of her. Her teaching is infused with deep wisdom, clarity and an infectious joy as she shares from her heart.

May the sun always shine brightly upon you May, and the moon guide your inner tides"

~ May's Training Teacher (August 2015)

[Advanced teacher Charlotte Esme Turner, Scotland. Review on YogaTrail]