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Mindfulness....when crisis hits

By May (The Cat Pose), Jul 26 2016 10:59AM

Life often happens to us in unexpected ways....whether you have a detailed plan that you are determined to follow, or being one who flows through the rivers of life in whatever form it may come to you. Life is ever changing and impermanent. One of the great truths taught in Buddhism, and something that proves true in one's life no matter what path you walk, is that impermanence happens. From what happens in your environment and the people or situations that surround you, to what happens within you and how you feel when you meet with each issue or scenario. There is often no role play practice as everything happens in an instant. The reason why living in the present and being mindful moment to moment becomes important, whether your reasons lie in peace, wellbeing, spirituality, health or simply just living.

Living from moment to moment without certainty has certainly been true for me the past few months, from traumatic situations happening to those I love to closing down all classes temporarily to be there without regret, my attempts to be mindful of where I am day by day has certainly been my saving grace. Mindfulness took form in having courage to accept the present moment for what it is, letting go of all the 'what-ifs' or 'shoulds', and following the light within my heart that everything will be ok no matter what choice I make. When crisis hits a country, a family, a journey or even a person, the trust of the loving light you have within you for yourself as well as others is exactly the essence ensuring stability, strength and courage to not be washed away by the tides of what is happening. Flowing whilst knowing who you are and why you will cope is a gift we can all give to ourselves.

When crisis hits, with attempting to be mindful we know that there are no big theories or rules except what is simply in that moment. It is why I always emphasise the importance of a breath to anchor ourselves within and work with the flowing energy of the moment, as this is what the mindfulness of Zen Yoga brings....which I hope is what my students can take away with them. So it is time to resume teaching again and I hope you will be able to join me soon....please take a look at our HEALTH page to find out my latest class schedule.

Be well in gentleness,


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