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May Loh [Relaxation Specialist]

May became a Vajrayana Buddhist through the teachings of Grandmaster Sheng-Yen Lu who has lineage from the four Tibetan Mahayana schools, Therevada, Zen as well as Taoism at the age of 16 years old, and has since been practising mindfulness for more than 20 years. She started yoga with a Sivanada class at 25 years old to supplement meditation and focused on her own home practice. Met by unexpected life events during her 30s she was diagnosed with inherited Graves Hyperthyroidism, bent nasal passage and chronic rhinitis caused by many allergies. Surprised by how these conditions she was born with have taken such a long time to be discovered led her to trust mindfulness even more, and she started exploring stress resilience, relaxation and a more naturally holistic lifestyle to restore balance to life. Having been a law graduate, school teacher, human rights master graduate, charity intern and personal assistant to busy directors in the city...she understands the modern stresses of a fast paced life as well as the importance of practising mindfulness in living life. May tries to facilitate every session of Zen Yoga, meditation, Tibetan singing bowl massage and Aromatouch from the heart, inspired from her own ethos of gentleness, mindfulness, compassion and mystically spiritual Buddhist way of life.


In September 2014 May attended Zenways 200 hours Zen Yoga Teacher Training with Zen monk Daizan Roshi; which covered the foundations of teaching Hatha Yoga from a Buddhist philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Spontaneous Yoga, Ki or life force energy via meridians and Zazen meditation. As she took one day leave from the course to complete a half-marathon Shine charity walk, she later completed the rest of her teacher training with Charlotte Esme Turner (via Zenways). She became fully qualified on 30th July 2015 and is registered for RYT200 with the international association Yoga Alliance.


May founded 'The Cat Pose' in December 2014, inspired whilst practising this simply effective posture to soothe tension, restore normality in the spine and rejuvenate well as her great love for cats! Since teaching (early 2015) she has gathered experience in guiding students with Hyperthyroidism, back pain, anxiety, frozen shoulder, depression, chronic pain, M.E. and cancer recovery.  


In March 2017 May also qualified as a Vibroacoustic Massage (Nada Yoga) with Tibetan Singing Bowl therapist, under Viktor Oguy's teaching from the Tibetan Tsering Ngodrub tradition and certified by the Vibroacoustic Therapy Association UK. A unique massage method involving contact of Tibetan Singing Bowl with the body to utilise vibrations that impacts the Limbic as well as Lympathic systems and creates deep relaxation.


In June 2017 May became certified in the AromaTouch Technique that uses doTerra essential oils with simple and gentle movements of touch over meridian points across the back, feet and hands to promote relaxation and  health improvements.


Wanting to explore healing modalities further, May completed a Reiki Level One course and received attunement from master teacher Michal Kaufmann of Reiki-Meditation in Auguest 2017. Working with the transfer of universal energy through hands to activate healing for herself as well as others has been a wonderful experience, and she hopes to continue to the Level Two training soon.  


A crystal loving and Tarot as well as Oracle card reading modern day mystic, May has been learning Buddhist Vajrayana practices, receiving initiation empowerments for chanting mantra and meditation from her Guru Grandmaster Sheng Yen Lu. She feels an affinity to the compassionate Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Tara, who she considers her spiritual guardian and often prays for Tara blessing that all her wellbeing work may be auspicious. She helps support a Circle of Women interested in spirituality called Uncovering Divine Feminine on Facebook and tries to donate part of her earnings to charity. She occasionally writes a vintage Qipao blog called 'Walking in May', cat-sit for others, helps out at a vintage market stall and is a distributor for an ethical vegan non-animal testing skincare range called Arbonne. May is also part of the Holistic Hub network, where she works privately with clients on one-to-one mobile sessions across London. She advocates breathing, openess in spirituality, compassion through gentleness and living a mindful life.  


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*200 Hours Zen Yoga Teacher Training by Zenways (July 2015)


*Vibroacoustic Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowl by Vibroacoustic Therapy Association (March 2017)


*AromaTouch Technique with essential oils by doTerra (June 2017)


*Reiki Level 1 by Master Teacher Michael Kaufmann (August 2017)

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